Mega Holiday Charcuterie Pick Up in Store Dec 30th

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Mega Holiday Charcuterie Pick Up in Store Dec 30th


Contains Everything You need for Awesome Appetizers for a super Holiday Party!

Pickup on Sunday December 30th between 9am and 6pm

Serving Size Suggestion: 10-14 guests

No prep, no fuss—ready-to-serve, pre-arranged entertaining solution. Hand-selected fake-antipasti items, perfectly paired and made in house. All items are pre-sliced and packaged on a togo tray. Premium house fake-meats, fake-cheeses, olives and antipasti with gourmet accents like dips and spreads.

Veggie Mushroom Pate - 250g

Sliced Fake-Turkey (not gf) - 200g

Baby Fakeroini (not gf) - 200g

Creamy Artichoke & Bacon Dip - 250g

Roasted Garlic Boursin - 150g

Almond Chedda Ball - 150g

Cranberry Dill Cream Cheeze - 200g

Fresh Veggies & Fruit

Candied Nutz - 250g

House Marinated Olives - 200g

Crackers & Locally Made Baguette

Cheeses are made with almonds and cashews. Some cheese is cultured and set with a sea vegetable called Agar Agar or Coconut Oil. We also use nutritional yeast and wheat gluten in some of our fake meatz. If you require a more detailed ingredient list we can help you out, just shoot us a message!

Note: All ingredients for this specialty product are carefully selected and made in house. As our Turkey is an extra special product and takes a little more love and extra care the price is a teeny higher than our basic turkey slices that can be found in store.

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