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2300 Gottingen Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia



Made Locally with love


How it works

Sometimes eating a plant-based diet requires more work and planning in the kitchen. We are here to take a bit of the pressure off. Once a month we will be creating a perfect assortment of healthy veggie "meats" and "cheeses" that you can either pick up or have delivered right to your door (Within the Halifax Peninsula). We will be switching up products every month to keep things interesting. As we grow the business we will continue to add new exciting products and recipes.

Who we are

We are a couple of buds based out of the North End of Halifax, NS. We are creating fun, delicious plant-based "meats" and "cheeses". Our current goal is to provide pre-set butcher boxes once a month.

Lauren Marshall - a trained chef from the Culinary Institute of Canada and Top Chef alumni works with Brandon Levesque a former store manager in screen printing and design. 

 Just a couple of buds who love to cook - Lauren Marshall & Brandon Levesque  Photos by KT Lamond

Just a couple of buds who love to cook - Lauren Marshall & Brandon Levesque

Photos by KT Lamond


Pick Up Locations


  • RFM Headquarters 2300 Gottingen Street, Halifax Nova Scotia
  • 1509 Bedford Highway (Honey and Ginger)
  • 262 Baker Drive, Dartmouth (Honey and Ginger)


Scheduled Pick Up Dates

First Saturday of every Month Starting ...

This FALL!!!!!!!



Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns or any special dietary restrictions - let us know!  

Right now we are not taking special orders but are working on growing our business everyday so we can suit all your needs.

Phone: 902-702-2804 (If we don't answer please leave us a voicemail)


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Help us raise the funds to bring veggie "meats" and "cheeses" to NS and the rest of the Maritimes!

Real Fake Meats began as a fun project where we sold veggie meat and cheese boxes that were completely plant based. The incredible box sales made us realize that we needed much more than what we could offer so we went on the hunt for a storefront and butcher shop of our very own! Now finally locked in a location on 2300 Gottingen Street in Halifax and need your help to get things set up to code. We have missed you all so much and can't wait to see you soon!

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